We only sell the blue highly reflective Lions 911 Reflective Address Signs that have been recommended by fire departments and emergency crews everywhere.

It is made from the same materials as street signs.  It's brighter at night and more durable.   In daylight it looks the same blue and white at the regular sign from a distance but close up the numbers are highly reflective.  

  • All Signs are 100% Aluminum  - 6" x 18" Doubled Sided  
  • Standard Color Blue Reflective Vinyl with your address in 3" White Reflective Numbers on both sides
  • Rounded Corners
  • Pre-drilled holes in each corner for each installation
  • You can choose your numbers laid out vertical or horizontal.     
  • Highly Visible Day or Night                      
  • Fade resistant 
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation 

Made of the same tough materials as road signs.

These address signs are so reflective in the dark that fire crews and ambulance

don’t have to struggle to read your address at night.

Rural Installing Suggestions:
Locate your reflective address sign on the same side of the road at your driveway.

Mount it a minimum 1 meter (3’) off the ground, high enough to avoid snow in winter and weeds in summer, and 1.5 meters (4’) from the road. Make sure that it's visible from both directions. Keep branches and bushes from blocking it. 

Many people use a metal angle post or a treated wooden 4X4, this way you can position your address sign in exactly the best location.

Pre-drilled holes in each corner makes it easy to install your address sign to a post, mailbox, tree, fence, or building.

 (Please - Do not mount your sign onto a Hydro Pole)

Lion volunteers are happy to make your address sign  "We Serve"

Lions 911 Reflective Address Signs - $40.00 each