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Every Second Counts 
When an Emergency     Vehicle  is trying to locate your home! 

 P O BOX 3046, Courtenay, BC  
(250) 338-9602

The Comox Valley Monarch Lions is proud to give back 100% of the net sale proceeds to our local causes.  All our administrative costs are covered by club dues and not charged to any project.

Is Your House Number Visible?

CV Monarch Lions Members at Central Builders at the end of January

to make 911 Reflective Address Signs

Have you ever noticed how few homes have their address numbers posted prominently so they are easily visible from the street?

Why so few? Perhaps it is because home owners rarely stop to think about why it might be important for address numbers to be visible. After all, family and friends knows your address, who else needs to know?

If your home catches fire or a loved one has a heart attack, Emergency Response personnel need to be able to find your home quickly. A missing or nearly-invisible address number can cost precious time in the event of an emergency. It can literally mean the difference between life and death for you or your loved ones.

Reduce potential delays, frustration and even death.  For your safety and peace of mind, order a 911 reflective address sign and install in a visible location today!

 The weakest link in the 911 emergency services is the ability of the ambulance, police and firefighters to quickly find the residence or business needing assistance.

Our emergency personal have the best vehicles and equipment to save lives but if they can't find your address (especially at night) when the emergency occurs that equipment cannot save you.

Order your Reflective Address sign today...

Available now for  $40.00 each 

COMOX VALLEY ECHO - Fire Department endorses reflective address signs
Photo:  Courtenay Fire Chief Don Bardonnex with Lion April and Lion Fred

Made of the same tough materials as road signs these address signs are so reflective in the dark that ambulance or fire crews don't have to struggle to read your address at night

  • Lions Clubs International is the world's largest service club organization, with a network of 1.35 million men and women in more than 207 countries and geographical locations. We serve where we live, as well as globally, and we have fun doing it.
  • Though well known for its successful initiatives in vision health, Lions service is as diverse as its members. We meet all sorts of needs, from assisting the elderly to helping victims of natural disasters.
  • Lions give 100 percent of donations to our causes. We cover all our costs through our dues.
  • Lions make a difference everyday everywhere. Whether by organizing a pancake breakfast fund raiser or building a wheelchair ramp for someone in need, we are a hands-on organization.
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